Lil' Man Eating Shark  Child Costume

Lil' Man Eating Shark Child Costume

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Lil' Man Eating Shark Child Costume Over the body shark costume with legs sticking out of shark's mouth and a sheer area just below the top set of teeth to see out of. Wearer's own arms manipulate the legs so that the person being eaten appears to be kicking. Available in one size fits most children, sizes 7-10. Shoes for legs sticking out of the shark's mouth not included, supply any pair of your own shoes to complete the look. According to manufacturer, removing of wrinkles is very easy. First way is to remove costume from bag as far enough in advance from when you want to wear it, unfold and fluff the costume, and just let it hang on a hanger. You can also leave it in your bathroom while you shower to allow the steam to remove wrinkles. The best way is to use a steamer. This is the fastest and easiest. Weight (lbs) 1.27 Length (inches) 19 Width (inches) 14.5 Height(inches) 3

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